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True Guardian Style Updates (2016.01.18)

Xirek Imperial posted Jan 18, 16

Nothing like kicking off the New Year in Guardians with some website updates. Today, we've got a really great shot that we were able to capture from our Mythic Kilrogg kill. Also, we've got an important thread running about Mythic Gorefiend so make sure to get invovled in the discussion (or at least be aware of what's up). Also, check out and contribute to "Staying Classy" our knowledge archive for our beloved classes in WoW. We'll see you in game again soon Team and remember to always represent us with style!

Mythic Kilrogg

November Guild Meeting (2015.11.15)

Xirek Imperial posted Nov 16, 15

For those who might have missed our last Guild Meeting, here are some quick notes:

  • We have traveled through the themes of Agility & Loyalty, now we move towards "Flow"
  • Flow is that perfect sweet spot between team effectiveness and FUN, more fun = more progression
    • The team always performs it's best when we're having fun, our best progression proves that. 
    • ICC Heroics, Dragon Soul Heroics & Siege Mythics all had the same element in common
    • Flow doesn't mean you get lazy, it means you are giving your all but without the underlying negativity

  • Wednesday is going to be dedicated to the fun part of Flow:
    • Achievement Runs (No Guardian Left Behind - if you raided this campaign, we'll take care of you)
    • Highmaul & Blackrock Mythics (something other than green fire)
    • Alt Runs through HFC (with carries to help boost the players of course)

  • Chun Chun is frigging EXCITED for 6.2.3 and she shared it with the team:
    • Spontaneous Mythic & Heroic Dungeon Runs, but don't burn yourselves out.
    • Moosimonde! - beat the shit out of Archimonde Heroic, get a special quest, sounds great
    • Valor Points - upgrade all the the things, will fuel our efforts in Mythic, Arch farm and other stuffs

  • Staffing
    • Chrillie promoted to the War Council officially, thank you for your hard work!
    • Welcomed Brinohm to the fold at his first offical guild meeting. 

Bonus: We frigging 3-healed Archimonde and beat him into the GROUND after we got CDs under control!

True Guardian Style Updates (2015.10.29)

Xirek Imperial posted Oct 29, 15

It's Thursday, and that's as good as anytime to throw down some updates to TGS. Our YouTube playlist for Hellfire Citadel has grown quite decently in the last few weeks thanks to Chrillie, make sure to check it out. We finally completed the Heroic Tier and are in the process of getting Archimonde Heroic on farm status. We've got the Loot Policy formally written down, Bells added some great new pictures to the Gallery and of course, the kill shot.

True Guardian Style Updates (2015.08.23)

Xirek Imperial posted Aug 23, 15  -  Update

Hey folks, we took advantage of this period of scheduled downtime to perform a few changes to the website. We've got some new content for you to checkout including the latest from GOFTube and also our Archimonde killshot. Also check out our newest member Sheep's "My Story", strategy ideas for Zakuun, and don't forget to ShoutBox!


Sweetdeaths GRD posted Jan 22, 15

That's right!  Guardians are once again, "Ahead of the Curve!"  A huge shout out and thank you to everyone who participated, not only on the kill, but to any portion of our raid.  This kill was truly an all around team effort!  Looking forward to big things in the future.

Athlanta Woot! Way to go team. Looking good GoF! Keep up the great work! Ath
Loveroids GRD great job on the video, was a lot of fun watching it!