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April 2014
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Heroic Iron Juggernaut

The Relentless March of Progress
About 2 months have passed and we've unlocked the puzzle of two more raid encounters. We're pleased to announce that the diligence and dedication of our Heroic Team (and supporting members) has resulted in the defeat of Heroic Galakras, Heroic Nazgrim, Heroic Immerseus, and finally Heroic Iron Juggernaut. As you can see, our friend Skully is less than pleased with the results but screw that guy!

Extra bonus: click HERE for our NEW video of the first kill. Sweetdeaths really nailed it this time!


Back in Business and Ain't it Grand
It had been only two weeks since we started really delving into Heroics and we're proud to announce that we've already got a few. Namely Heroic: Fallen Protectors and Heroic: Norushen. This puts us at a cool 2/14 H for the Tier and with no clear end to our adventures in Pandaria in sight, gives us fuel to continue driving towards the ultimate goal. Glory to the Guardians for restoring our Heroic legacy back to it's rightful place on our server. Let's keep up that momentum team!

Sharpbeard Nice job guys ...
Lunarfang Grats guys~ keep it up~! <3

The Grand Finale of the Siege

Xirek a posted Dec 10, 13

This picture symbolizes the work and efforts of the entire raiding force of our Guild. We had a campaign fraught with various setbacks, surprises and sudden roster shake ups, but in the end we prevailed as we always have for years...with True Guardian Style!

Thanks to your efforts we're right back where we expected to be; challenging Heroics once again! Let's all enjoy a little rest and relaxation before we hit the intended versions of these wonderful encounters. We'll see you at the Instance portal as usual...

Tristan Garrosh was once a Warchief to the Horde...then he took an arrow to the knee...some fire to the back...a couple shield s ...
slapsticks Yeah buddy!!!!!!!! Good job Guardians!

With standing room only in the guild hall, Guild Leader Xirek stood before the gathered ensemble and announced that only 35 percent of all guilds have successfully beaten Garrosh Hellscream. The announcement was made as part of Xirek's State of the Guild address during the monthly guild meeting, Nov. 24, 2013.

"We are currently 13/14 on normal. This is an exciting time!” Xirek said.

Xirek went on to say that there are new additions to the guild.

"We are in a time of growth with a lot of people leveling alts and getting gear. Prime time activity is up from an average of five players online to nine,” the guild leader said.

Xirek also took the time to mention all the hard work Felon has done on the Guild Bank.

"Felon has made the bank useful and functional. We encourage people to use the stuff in there,” he said.

Before passing the torch to Belles for Guild promotions, Xirek reminded the guild that the guild anniversary is on the horizon. Guardians of Fellowship was formed on Jan. 25, 2009, according to Xirek. He said that there are people in the guild that have been there since the guild's inception.

"These people have helped to shape the guild to what it is today,” he said.

Xirek showed appreciation to all guild-memebers by saying, "All of you are so important to the growth and the integrity of our guild – thank you!”

Labellanotte (Belles) acknowledged the anniversary of the guild before moving forward with guild promotions. Belles said she would like to organize some fun events to honor the day and asked that people please send her an in-game message with ideas.

As for promotions Belles took a moment to remind everyone of their importance to the qualities they bring to the guild before announcing the two new promotions- Valdictorian and Sweetdeaths.  

  • Val has been huge in guiding the social aspect of the guild, Belles said. Since he returned to guild his presence has been felt by everyone.
  • Sweetdeaths has worked hard on strategy for raid bosses and can typically be found running a Flex raid trying to gain some insight.

Both were promoted from the Apprentice rank to full Guardian.

"We would also like to welcome Juunah, Jensie and Nothingleft to the guild. Very pleased to have you all,” Belles said.

Side note: Belles passed her Green Light test! Congrats Belles!

Communication Officer Wrathnruin spoke briefly about the importance of staying cool in a raid.

Wrath stated that the hate and anger that has been exuding from people's mics needs to stop. If you don't have anything positive to say, don't key your mic, he said. He reminded people to think about what they are saying before they say it. It is important that we all show respect for each other, he said.

"This needs to start from the top down,” Wrathnruin said.

Valdictorian agreed with Wrathnruin and added that when we take our breaks people need to step away from their keyboards to help refocus themselves.

As for the future of the guild, Xirek said things look very bright. Guardians of Fellowship will be looking forward to achieving mythic level raiding. We will not, however, be rushing to build a team right now. We will grow the guild organically and slowly. We need to make sure the people we bring in to the guild are a good fit to the team and the guild.

Xirek said not everyone will be a part of the upcoming Mythic raid team. People will need to prove that they are the best at what they do and will need to put in the personal effort.

With new raiding levels and groups in our future, McLovin told the guild why he was excited about the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor.

We will no longer have to bench people! McLovin said with the new format of raiding we will be able to take all the raiders that show up. This doesn't mean we all get a free pass though. People will still show that they can produce the numbers required to do the encounters.

McLovin said this format of raiding is just like the current Flex level in that we can include everyone. McLovin said Flex is extremely important to the fellowship and moral of our guild.

As for Mythic level raiding, McLovin said this will be a 20-man team.

"With mythic raiding there will be some sacrifices,” McLovin said, "You HAVE to be there. You have to be present, ready to raid. We will not succeed if people don't show up.”

"We were so successful in ICC because it was the same people day in and day out. People understood the fights and understood each other. If you want to be on the 20 mans and be number one on the server, you have to be here,” McLovin said.

A new version of the Flex night will be introduced into the schedule soon – Flex Plus. Flex Plus is the creation of the Guardians of Fellowship officer core. The idea is to provide a chance for farm content to be knocked out, on regular raid levels, giving a chance for flexers to get better gear.

"Flex Plus is going to be awesome for the hardcore flexers. This gives them the chance to knock down regular bosses and get higher level loot,” Wrathnruin said.

The meeting wrapped with the usual lightning round of "What's Hot.”

slapsticks Indeed great frickin' job guys twas awesome!!!! Can't wait for Heroics!! & <3 You All!
Sharpbeard Amazing job guys on Garrosh kill!! Keep togheter for next adventures hugs Sharpie ...
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