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Sweetdeaths GRD posted Jan 22, 15

That's right!  Guardians are once again, "Ahead of the Curve!"  A huge shout out and thank you to everyone who participated, not only on the kill, but to any portion of our raid.  This kill was truly an all around team effort!  Looking forward to big things in the future.

Athlanta Woot! Way to go team. Looking good GoF! Keep up the great work! Ath
Loveroids GRD great job on the video, was a lot of fun watching it!
Greetings Guardians!

Xirek here to touch base with you all and let you know where we are at with a few things. We're neck deep in the middle of a new expansion and I think most of us devoured the content up to Level 100 pretty handily. The real adventure begins from this point forward! See below for all the important information related to your Team life.

Raiding Starts Anew - 2014.12.03
Blizzard has let us know that the first raid opens up on the first week of December. So what does that mean for GOF? Well it's back to the fields of glory to defeat bosses and earn great loot! Since we know for a fact most folks aren't yet to the 630ilvl mark across the board, we're taking a slightly more relaxed approach to the start of the tier.

What Is Expected for a "Normal" Raider
  • Gear Average of 620 ilvl (if you are below this, please see Xirek)
  • Legendary Ring of at least 640 ilvl (First stage of the Legendary)
  • Silver Proving Grounds for your Role
  • Completion of all the Heroic Dungeons (or as close as possible in next 8 days)

  • Baseline Understanding of Fights (either read the Journal or find some videos)
  • Come with at least 3 Flasks to last the night, don't worry about food for now

But wait, we're Mythic raiders aren't we?? That's correct, we are (or will be) but we're not there yet as a team. So rather than stress during the holidays we're going to be taking it easier and getting a baseline understanding of Highmaul by doing Normal difficulty first. It's an opportunity to get some loot, solid XP and show the Council you mean business!

Loot Council - Gone But Not Forgotten
After a healthy debate on the positives and negatives, Leadership has declared that previously suggested/hinted at Loot Council will not be used at this time. It's the Grand Council's belief that the caliber of player we have in GOF actually doesn't merit the need for Loot control. So uninstall your Loot Council addons and rejoice in simplicity!

In place of a formalized Loot Council, Leadership would like like to provide some baseline guidance below:

Loot Guidelines - Before You Roll
  • Look at the level of upgrade for you vs your fellow Corps members
  • Consider your attendance compared to those of your fellow Corps members
  • Ask yourself if it's best for the Team as a whole? Will you be able to utilize this?
  • Question whether there has been an equal distribution of Loot over the Tier
  • Help others complete a Set Bonus if they are close to a completion

Loot Hierarchy - Who Gets it First?
  • First Priority - Guardians 
  • Second Priority - Apprentices 
  • Third Priority - Initiates
  • Fourth Priority - Alternate Characters


Great job finishing the tier strong and being the first and only (at the time of this post) guild on The Scryers to finish out Mythic.

The GoF Army rolls again and left a ton of shattered boxes in the Heroic Spoils of Pandaria encounter.  9/14 Heroic, with Malkorok shaking in his boots, because he knows that his days are numbered. 

Chandy GRD Awesome job on the video Sweets...music choices are stellar. Way to go team.

GoF vs Heroic Siege Highlight Reel

Xirek Imperial posted Apr 20, 14
We'd like to share the latest from GOF Productions. Last night, your Officer Sweetdeaths couldn't sleep and so naturally he decided to go and create a brand new video story that commemorates our journey. This was nothing short of a labor of love and let it serve as an inspiration for us as we continue to progress! Glory to the Guardians of Fellowship and glory to our awesome Videography team! Make sure to change your video settings to the Highest (HD) to get the best experience out of it!

Labellanotte Imperial Popped this up on the GoF twitter account and on my lil Heals or Leaf blog. Time for me to get back to work on that blo ...
Sweetdeaths GRD Thanks! Rault will forever be immortalized in our videos