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Filed under: Warlords of Draenor It's been a long time coming, but patch 6.0 will finally be hitting the PTR. Patch 6.0 is the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch, introducing many of the expansion's mechanical changes. This includes the new c...
Published Sep 10, 2014
Filed under: News items, BlizzCon If you were one of the lucky few to snag a ticket to this year's BlizzCon, you should keep an eye on your mailbox because tickets are being sent out. (If you weren't one of the lucky few, you can still p...
Published Sep 9, 2014
Filed under: Realm Status, Blizzard, News items Although we have yet to hear of any more updates for US Realm Connections, the list of EU realms slated for the Realm Connection service has been recently updated with new information and ...
Published Sep 7, 2014
Filed under: News items, BlizzCon BlizzCon is only a couple of months away and the Virtual Ticket is now available for purchase. The price of the virtual pass is $39.99 and grants access to a livestream of the developer panels, exclusive...
Published Sep 4, 2014
Filed under: News items, Warlords of Draenor Blizzard has just announced a live developer Q&A taking place Friday, September 5, at 10:00 a.m. PDT on Community Manager Lore will be moderated the Q&A with Lead Narrative ...
Published Sep 2, 2014
The GoF Army rolls again and left a ton of shattered boxes in the Heroic Spoils of Pandaria encounter.  9/14 Heroic, with Malkorok shaking in his boots, because he knows that his days are numbered. 

Chandy Awesome job on the video choices are stellar. Way to go team.
Greetings Guardians! Hope everyone has had a relaxing 4th of July weekend and is all rested up. We wanted to take a moment to step away from Heroics to do something really fun for everyone. To that end, we rallied the entire Guild and managed to drag 25 folks into Siege for our first ever large scale run in the instance. This was a good test of how we'll manage to operate in Warlords. Then, we decided to go for an unclaimed glory - server first Siege 25m Normal before the big server merge.

From GOF Productions comes the latest videographic capture of our escapades. Enjoy the show and make sure to vote in the upcoming poll regarding the 25m. If we get enough demand we may schedule another one (outside of the normal Heroic raid times). Make your voice heard folks and enjoy the game!

Rault Awsome video !!! They just keep gettin better!!
Toivo Great job on the video Sweet. Was a great run and look forward to trying it again if everyone is up for it. Was great ...
[GC] Sweetdeaths a I am ALL in for doing another 25m. We would definitely need some people to work on gearing their alts a little, since t ...

Happy Memorial Day from GOF

Xirek a posted May 26, 14
[GC] Wrathnruin /Salute to you all!
We'd like to share the latest from GOF Productions. Last night, your Officer Sweetdeaths couldn't sleep and so naturally he decided to go and create a brand new video story that commemorates our journey. This was nothing short of a labor of love and let it serve as an inspiration for us as we continue to progress! Glory to the Guardians of Fellowship and glory to our awesome Videography team! Make sure to change your video settings to the Highest (HD) to get the best experience out of it!

Labellanotte a Popped this up on the GoF twitter account and on my lil Heals or Leaf blog. Time for me to get back to work on that blo ...
[GC] Sweetdeaths a Thanks! Rault will forever be immortalized in our videos
Heroic Iron Juggernaut

The Relentless March of Progress
About 2 months have passed and we've unlocked the puzzle of two more raid encounters. We're pleased to announce that the diligence and dedication of our Heroic Team (and supporting members) has resulted in the defeat of Heroic Galakras, Heroic Nazgrim, Heroic Immerseus, and finally Heroic Iron Juggernaut. As you can see, our friend Skully is less than pleased with the results but screw that guy!

Extra bonus: click HERE for our NEW video of the first kill. Sweetdeaths really nailed it this time!

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